Hollywood –

Hollywood targets audiences using these marketing techniques.

Research these terms – what do they mean?

  • · The 3 day Opening Weekend – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • · Blockbuster tentpoles – a system on when they distribute the films. ^
  • ·blanket release – release the film globally.
  • platform release – releasing the film on a small number.
  • Release patterns – Wide release or global release.
  • · Premieres – opening to invite cast
  • · Press Junkets and Promotion – press going to see the film.
  • Franchise – a film that offers alot of different products, to maximise profit.

1 Minute experimental film

Maya Deren was one of the most famous American experimental filmmakers and entrepreneurial promoters in the 1940s and 1950s, however she had more hobbies and things she was known for, like dancing,Ethnography. she was defiantly talented in her work and she was very well educated as she went to New York University and nw school of social research and smith college. she was born in kiev in russia on the 29th of april in 1917 however she was raised in America.





Evaluation – Question 5: How did you attract your audience?

I attracted my audience by the Music and tracking shots as they suggest that its a thriller film right from the start and enigma for the audience. Also, Audience feedback told me that my target audience wanted to know what would happen next, They felt I created a good opening sequence and thought the music and effects were appropriate for a thriller.

I did not reveal too much about the story so the audience were kept interested and wanted to know more. My feedback said that the thriller genre was clearly shown in the title sequence. They also like how I introduced the character and set up a fence atmosphere and the props that I used especially the blood scene. Therefore, by carrying out audience feedback it helped me guide and make sure that I am aiming my title sequence to my audience.


Evaluation – Question 2 – How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Original I wanted to create a main character/ villain that was a female teacher, However feedback told me that this was problematic as Thriller films conventionally represent males as either killers or detectives, therefore If my main character was a female it wouldn’t relate to reality as women are stereotypically seen as sweet and innocent where’s males are stereotypically more threatening and powerful, therefore the storyline needed to be changed.

Also, theorist Julia Krisieva discusses the “abject” in horror films. As the use of blood in one of my sequences show that the male teacher has crossed a boundary from normal to abnormal.title sequence

Therefore, I changed this problem as my title sequence involves a male protagonist who also is a serial killer, that develops a split personality when hes child dies and then he begins to obduct other children